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Windows Vista

Windows Vista

Windows Vista is a personal computer operating system produced by Microsoft as part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. Initial manufacture started May 2001, manufacturing was complete and Vista was released after the 8th November 2006. Windows Vista was available in several different versions, these included Home Basic, Aero, Ultimate as well as some others. For a professional and reliable answers regarding Windows Vista

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At Newcastle Pc Repairs we listen to our customers and the feedback is that, apart from the nicer display Vista did not have any real advantages over the previous operating system. The majority of changes that were security and visual changes there was not too much difference from Windows XP in terms of the usability of the operating system.


Windows Vista had a number disadvantages to it. Firstly it is not compatible with a lot of machines which ran windows XP with ease. Call us on 01915016720 If you have any questions, the reason for this is that the minimum requirements for a Vista installation are a lot higher than the minimum requirements for windows XP.

 Upgrade to Windows 7 ?

Windows Vista was Microsoft’s delayed attempt at a new era of Operating System, Whatever, the advantages and disadvantages Windows Vista got, it is still better than its predecessors. One can afford to buy this product and make best use of it. If you have a computer which needs upgrading you can be assured that Newcastle PC Repairs are the only call you  will need to make on 01915016720.