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Do you have a Toshiba Laptop or Desktop?

Toshiba laptops combine a sleek, clean and modern look with a high resolution display providing bright and crisp images. The value of laptops is definitely one of the cheapest big named computing manufacturers. The new Portege Z20t Ultrabook is one of Toshiba’s most promising invention which comes with 17 hours of battery life and a detachable keyboard dock. With the Portege Z20t Ultrabook there is an “emergency stylus” tucked into the machine, in case you were to lose the full-size pen. Toshiba laptops and desktops come installed with the Toshiba Service Station which is used for managing any updates required on your Toshiba PC.

Toshiba Laptop and Desktop repair

Here at Newcastle PC Repair we understand that the loss of data can be really damaging whether it is on you personal computer and you have lost data such as pictures that are irreplaceable or even if its on you business PC and you have lost work documents that you have spent hours on. To make sure you don’t lose any data make sure you back up your laptop or desktop as regular as possible to stop data loss having such a big affect on you, however we understand data loss can not be stopped on occasions. As a result of this Newcastle PC Repair prioritise on retrieving any data that you have lost.

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Toshiba History and Facts

Toshiba originates from Japan and started back in 1939 by Shibaura Seisakusho. The Toshiba current headquarters is located in Tokyo and they have approximately 200,000 employees working for them all over the world. Toshiba don’t just specialise on desktops and laptops but have also broadened selection by products such as office equipment and even medical equipment. Toshibas strap line is ‘leading innovation’.