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PC Laptop not switching on

PC or Laptop not switching on


Have you tried to switch on your computer or Laptop and had no lights, power or response? Or has your pc attempted to start up but cannot complete the start-up process? Do you hear any strange clicking or whirring sounds during the start-up process? All of the above are possible symptoms you may face when your machine is attempting to start-up. These can signify different problems within your pc. If there is no power coming to your machine then start with the simple issues. Is there power reaching the computer, usually there is a crackling sound when re-plugging the 3 pin power cable this shows that a current is going into the machine. PLEASE NOTE; Newcastle Pc Repairs accepts no liability for repair attempts done by any non-qualified persons. To avoid the risk and hassle of botched repairs, Call us on 0191 501 6720 and an engineer can diagnose the problem and provide a quote for repair almost instantaneously.