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Microsoft: Windows Anniversary

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Microsoft: Windows Anniversary


Microsoft unveils new plans

Every year Microsoft holds a press conference which is full of their new ideas and new products that they are set to release that up and coming year, this year it was held at Build 2016.  Windows 10 is having major updates which Microsoft are set to call the ‘Anniversary Update’ this will be accessible free of charge do everyone who has Windows 10 installed on their laptop or desktop.  This new update will include many improvements to Windows 10 making it a lot more useful and better to use, here are some of the updates they are set to release:

Finger print support

When you think about fingerprint support you associate it mostly with touch screen phones and other apple devices such as iMac computers, windows released ‘Windows Hello’ which enabled touch screen when logging on to specific devices but only that, with the new update you will be able to log in to emails, Microsoft accounts and other accounts on the web without the need of a password. This will be done by your fingerprint but will obviously only work if your device has a fingerprint scanner.

improvements set to be made on touch screen features

Windows Ink

Stylus use on computers has never really been mastered and when used it is not as accurate as many users would like, this is due to a lack of software support, however the new Windows 10 Anniversary update is set to change that by generating new and improved software support. The Ink Workspace will enable users to create accurate sketches, sticky notes and much more. One feature of this is a virtual ruler which will enable to make many things neater such as charts and screen alignment in general.

microsoft to improve touch screen features

The Windows Store is expanding

The Windows 10 store hasn’t been amazing; many people who have a Windows 10 installed on their device have been very disappointing when downloading and purchasing apps whether it’s for work related stuff or gaming. Windows 10 Anniversary aims to change this by creating updates allowing users to have a much better experience. Microsoft has also announced plans to unify the Windows store to the app store on Xbox One meaning that you can flip from device to device and optimizing apps  so you can play them on both your Xbox and desktop computer.

microsoft set for changes

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