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Computer games to improve memory

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April 1, 2016
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Computer games to improve memory

brain training

Can playing computer games improve memory?Brain training

Whether its playing the Xbox, Playstation, Wii or even on the computer,  playing brain training computer games can significantly improve your education and in later years can prevent dementia. This was proven when tests took place on children ages 8-11 to increase the memory on the brain (the part of the brain that holds information for small amounts of time).

The Test

The team behind the test were seeing if its possible to train a childs memory. Children completed the tests at home which each lasted 30 minutes for each training session, in total there was 20 sessions each child had to complete. One of the many games each completed was to remember the location of an asteroid in a sequence. Mr Astle who led the investigation said on the matter “We think the training enhances an attentional process that children are able to use strategically on similarly structured but untrained tasks. But it is important to note we have not demonstrated the wider benefits of this training.”

can playing computers prevent dementia

As each game continued and more and more sessions were complete certain trends were highlighted the main trend being that children on average got better in remembering as the sessions were in the late stages even when the games were created to get more difficult, this isn’t very surprising though as other studies suggest that when training the brain it does actually adapt in later stages due to getting used to the training. The scientists decided to pick the age range of 8-11 due to them being able to understand why they are participating and as well as them not being adults yet. Obviously participating in brain training games isn’t going to make you into a brainiac, but brainiacthese studies infact do suggest that playing computer games can play a vital role in increasing intelligence and with more in depth studies it could actually prevent dementia at later years to a certain extent.

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