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Do you have a Medion Laptop or Desktop?

Medion laptops and desktop computers come with a 3 year guarantee. Windows 10 is already installed with most models making it ideal for all office and multimedia platforms you may want to access on your Medion laptop. Medion have improved battery life on most systems and with its intel processor has a function called ‘Turbo Mode’ which allows the PC to work even faster. Medion desktops like the MEDION ERAZER X5308 F High Performance Gaming PC is one of the more expensive desktops which is designed for gaming usage and is one of the best for this range.

Medion Laptop and Desktop Repairs

If your Medion PC automatically goes into start-up repair or your experiencing issues when booting up your computer Newcastle PC Repair can solve any computer issues related to computer not booting.  There are many reasons why a PC will not boot but here at Newcastle PC Repair one of our engineers will be at your home or office on the same day as the call and will diagnose the issue you are having with booting. In any case our professionals are the only people you need to resolve any issues.

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Medion History and Facts

Medion is one of the newest IT company having being founded in 1982, Medion is owned by Lenovo and has a very small number of employees compared to other IT companies with an estimated number of less than 2000. Medion is a German consumer and its strap line is ‘’your satisfaction is our scale!”