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Do you have a Lenovo Laptop or Desktop?

‘What next?’ is what Lenovo as a business focus on, they want to keep updating there products with the latest technology to boost performance in order to be a real competitor in the computing industry. Lenovo have focused on all ranges of computing such as gaming, business use and professional uses. The ‘ThinkPad’ series they have created has been a success which enhances gamers experience with a high performing CPU and GPU system. Desktops that Lenovo market have the same focus as laptops as there are models specifically for gaming uses and for business use.

Lenovo Laptop and Desktop Repair

There are many reasons that a computer will run slow. It could be a virus infection, spyware infection or even a hard disk problem. You might have completely up to date anti-virus software and still be infected. We’ve seen it many times here at Newcastle PC Repair. One of our experienced engineers will be able to find what is making your computer/laptop slow and we will fix the issue.

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Lenovo History and Facts

Lenovo was founded in China, Bejiing in 1984. Products that they make include smartphones, desktops, servers, notebooks, tablet computers, netbooks, peripherals, printers, televisions, scanners and storage devices. Since 2015 Lenovo have made very large profits and recent studies suggest they have over 60,000 employees working worldwide.