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IBM: Computer Inspired by the brain

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IBM: Computer Inspired by the brain

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IBM (International Business Machines Corporation) has been around for somewhat over one hundred years ago and since then IBM has established its self as one of the best computer brands worldwide serving one hundred and seventy different countries.  IBM now have new plans to create a computer which is inspired by the human brain, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory has purchased, and ready to test, IBM’s most recent creation. Experimentation’s are set to take place this week on the remarkable project which has cost around one million pounds. The computer that is set to imitate the human brain contains a million “programmable neurons” which is over two hundred fifty times the amount used in an average computer.

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The Project

The computer is set to take computing and general technology that one massive step further by having the same power as the human brain, Jim Brase who is the deputy director of the lab taking on the project has said on the prospect of the computer ‘’The potential capabilities neuromorphic computing represents and the machine intelligence that these will enable will change how we do science,”computer that imitates the human brain

The Competitors

Large organizations such as Google, Nvidia, Qualcomm, and Microsoft are all testing and taking on similar projects as this one attempting to develop the next generation of computerized machines and the creation of a AI system that requires complex PC handling and knowledge. One intriguing aspect of these up and coming systems is that they require far less energy in fact very little energy to operate than standard computers, meaning they will be surprisingly better for the environment. The chip used is known as a TrueNorth chip that burns a just over one tenth of a Watt. TrueNorth chips are not always activating, instead they come into action when needed, this can be on recognising images or ‘’SMART calculations.’’

The Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory plans to use the machine’s unique potential to explore applications in national security, nuclear defense, and cybersecurity, as well as other areas.

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