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Do you have a Hewlett Packard Laptop or Desktop?

Hewlett Packards main focus over the years has been its attention to engineering there aim is to advance computer engineering creating a more advanced viewing. Hewlett Packard desktops range from gaming desktops to all-in-one desktops allowing you to buy a desktop suited to your specific needs. The best selling Hewlett Packard laptop is the HP Pavilion 15t Laptop which comes with Windows 10 pre installed, a large memory capacity, a crisp audio system and eye catching range of colour themes to choice from.

Hewlett Packard Laptop and Desktop Repair

If your Hewlett Packard laptop will not charge and you have tried replacing the charger then your laptop has suffered from a broken laptop socket. This is a very common fault with laptops and can be solved by one of Newcastle PC Repair engineers today. Our engineers carry DC Jack repair components onboard with them as we realise this is a extremely common issue so give us a call.

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Hewlett Packard History and Facts

Hewlett Packard headquarters are based in California and was founded in 1939. HP is founded by William Redington Hewlett and Dave Packard hence the name ‘Hewlett Packard’. William Redington Hewlett and Dave Packard started the business in a small garage and now it is one of the biggest computer manufacturers worldwide.