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‘Shaping Tomorrow With You’

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Do you have a Fujitsu laptop or desktop computer?

Fujitsu laptops and desktop computers are really developing into becoming a competitor in terms of the bigger branded computer manufacturers. Their PCs are designed with the environment in mind and come with world class power efficiency to reduce carbon foot print and lowers your energy bill as well. Fujitsu created the ‘LIFEBOOK’ laptop which is designed prodemantly for business use therefore are usually reliable. The LIFEBOOK is slim and light making portable use accessible and easy.

Fujitsu Laptop and Desktop Repair

If your Fujitsu desktop or laptop is having problems with emails Newcastle PC Repair will fix the problem. These are regular issues with emails that Newcastle PC Repair can resolve:

New domain and DNS issues

Emails bouncing back

Cannot send or receive email

Can send emails but cannot receive

Can receive emails but cannot send

Missing emails

Emails bouncing back or receiving complaints that you are sending spam

Email server issues

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Fujitsu Facts History and Facts

Fujitsu is the second oldest IT company after IBM established on 1935. Fujitsus world headquarters is located in Tokyo, Japan. Masami Yamamoto is the chairman on the world wide IT company. ‘Shaping Tomorrow With You Previously: The Possibilities Are Infinite’ is the companies strap line.