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Do you have a Dell laptop or desktop computer?

Dell specializes on business instead of general use and entertainment purposes but has now started to pay more attention to the way it looks and are paying more attention to this aspect. The Dell XPS 13 9350 has a 13.3 inch resolution and only a 5mm border making this laptop look a lot more attractive than competitors. All models come with a 6th-generation Intel Core processor and have Windows 10 Home pre-installed which is beneficial. The Dell Inspiron  3000 desktop has a large storage making it perfect for business/ work use, it also has powerful processors and graphics which packs big performance in a sleek design.

Dell Laptop and Desktop repair

If your Dell computer or laptop has been infected with viruses or malware we can help at Newcastle PC Repair we will remove and viruses that your PC may have received and retrieve any loss data which may have been infected by the viruses. As soon as you have received any viruses it is important you phone Newcastle PC Repair straight away as it can become a lot harder to remove the longer it has been on there. We will also download antivirus software for you reducing the risk completely of any other viruses that are lurking around in the web.

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Dell History and Facts

Dell was founded some 32 years ago and its headquarters is located in Texas. Its products contain Personal computers, servers, peripherals, smart phones and televisions. Recent studies show that Dell has over 110,00 employees working for them worldwide.