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Computer security checks

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Computer security checks


Computer Security

When you are protecting your laptop or desktop from the dangers of the online world it is important you pay much attention towards the systems data security and computer security. Lots of suspicious activity happens on the internet including the high threat to be hacked. In order to protect yourself from what lies around in the web follow these simple steps:

keeping you devices secure

For phones:

If you have a iPhone or any other smart phone you must likely have a four digit lock code on your phone that requires a four digit password in order to enter the phone, this is a form of computer password protectionsecurity, consider adding an extra digit to the sequence to make it that bit more secure, to do so head to the settings page and it should be easy to do from that stage. If you are struggling to find a way to add extra digits to your passcode don’t worry, instead of doing this process regularly change your passcode.

Download a password manager

‘Password manager’ is a way of keeping all your passwords for different accounts safe in one place, if you don’t have a password manager already downloaded I suggest you do so. Really for every account you are connected to via your desktop or laptop you should keep your password safe and secureuse a different and unique password. If a hacker finds a password you use for every account you could find yourself in big trouble.  ‘Password managers’ keep all your passwords safe in a hidden encrypted file for your eyes only, it saves you the grief of remember different passwords off the top of your head and doing so will make your computer security a lot more safe.

Anti-virus protection

If you haven’t already downloaded anti-virus software on your desktop or laptop then its about time you do so. Viruses and malware is a constant threat and will continue to be so for some time, new viruses are released every time and they could end up costing you a lot of money if your device is infected.  Viruses can be found in websites, they can locate you and corrupt your system in a matter of minutes or even seconds.

download antivirus softwareThese are a few simple tips that could help your computer security stay on tip top condition, all mentioned doesn’t take a great amount of effort to do and cost very little if anything at all.

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