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Computer Laptop Freezing

Computer Freezing Laptop Freezing

Is your computer or Laptop unresponsive or “freezing” ? Is your computer slower than it was when you first purchased the machine ? In these days of Internet banking and online purchasing, you may be concerned your machine might be at risk from malicious and unauthorised content. At Newcastle Pc Repair, our solutions are tailored for your problems. One quick call to us on 0191 501 6720 will ensure a prompt, reliable and honest service with Inclusive of the best advice to keep your details and your computer as safe as possible, we also provide free and impartial advice which will best suite your PC for the requirements you have.

There are usually three or four problems which cause your computer to “freeze”, These usually fall under the following categories;

  • Imminent Hard Disk Drive failure
  • Virus / spyware or other malicious software (see Spyware)
  • Corrupt Operating system or programs
  • Low Virtual Access Memory

Call us if your computer is acting in any adverse way on

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