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How To Clean Up A Virus

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How To Clean Up A Virus

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How to Clean Up an Infected Computer

If your PC gets infected by a kind of virus or malware it can prove to be more than frustrating. Getting rid of Malware isn’t exactly easy and in many (probably most) cases professional help may be required. First things first though! Lets be honest avoiding most virus isn’t difficult, do not click onto peculiar attachments and install a good antivirus software! It could save you a lot of money especially as malware becomes more and more powerful. Some viruses can strike out of no where and even computer genius’ can be fooled, even the best antivirus protection cant always save you due to it needing updates. Viruses are adapting. Here is a simple but effective way to locate them lurky viruses that could potentially be hidden onto your computer:

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FREE Scanner

That’s right! FREE! Almost all antivirus vendors have free virus scanners available on the internet which can detect and remove malware. Newcastle PC Repair would recommend either using ESET Online Scanner or Bitdefender QuickScan both require a download to get things up an running. Expert Brendan Ziolo of Alcatel-Lucent said “these online scanners have the advantage of not being on your computer when you were infected, so they are not compromised like your existing antivirus software, if the scanner removes the threat, then you are on your way to fixing the program.”

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The Reality

As mentioned earlier, virus’ are growing, adapting an become more and more powerful as technology develops so in cases the scanners will not be able to combat certain viruses!

Newcastle PC Repair have never seen a virus to this very day that we cannot remove from your computer, our engineers attend the latest computer repair courses so every problem you might throw at them will not be an issue. If your having virus problems contact us on 0191 501 6720        

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