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Do I Buy a iMac Or a Desktop

Working From Home – iMac or Desktop

When deciding what computer to buy it can be a difficult decision with the number of makes and models there are, to make this even more complex there is always iMacs as well. Newcastle PC Repair have made this guide in order for you to get a more clear understanding on whether to buy a desktop or a iMac based on your individual requirements.

imac vs desktop computer

The main things to consider are your computer must be able to run all software you might need with ease, secondly if you are familiar with the operating system and finally can you actually afford it? An essential is having Microsoft office if you are working home, this doesn’t really narrow down the options for us, however you are only doing basic work on your PC such as writing content or writing essays using Microsoft Word for example then there would be little point in splashing out on an iMac.imacs stunning resolution

Apple’s prices are a massive obstacle for many buyers. The cheapest Windows 10 laptops cost around £130 and compared to the cheaper macbook that costs £749 it seems like a no brainer, but Imacs do have. If you are planning to do more complex work on your PC or creative work then purchasing an iMac is the one for you, the display is magnificent and it runs remarkably fast compared to most desktops.

A final piece of advice would be Go for Office 365 which includes OneNote and Publisher.

If you have any faults with your PC whether its a desktop computer, laptop or iMac Newcastle PC Repair can help. To book a home visit from one of our experienced engineers call us on 0121 673 2579, with years of experience mending various different makes and models of computers repairing yours should not be an issue.

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