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Do you have a Asus laptop or desktop?

Asus priority has always been putting design first ahead of function, their motto is ‘Design isn’t just our pursuit, it is also our passion’ they really pay attention to what customers want and take customer feedback into mind a lot more than other big named computer brands.  Asus want to make computing accesbile to anyone so you don’t have to splash out on big prices and you they aren’t to complicated to use.  The Asus ‘Zenbook’ laptop ranges from a 12’ inch screen to a larger 15’ inch model. They contain power efficient processors components and are very similar to MacBooks.

Asus Laptop and Desktop Repair

If your Asus screen has been damaged or broken there is no need to panic as at Newcastle PC Repair we have replacement screens and we can fit them for you. You just give us a call and on the same day we will be with you and have your laptop fixed as good as knew in just the space of minutes of our engineer’s arrival.

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Asus History and Facts

Asus has been up and running since 1989 and is chaired by Jonney Shih. The name ‘ASUS’ originates from great Greek mythology and the ‘Pegasus’. There headquarters is located in Taiwan. ASUS operates around 50 service sites across 32 countries worldwide.

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