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Antivirus Protection


Norton’s is a big named antivirus protection software but in recent times this program has begun to fall in subscriptions. The user interface is easily accessible to use however Norton Security lacks optimal antivirus protection and malware protection.


Outstanding malware protection

Strong password manager

Covers lots of devices


No parental controls

Significant performance hit during scans


McAfee holds a massive share of the antivirus protection market each year but has began to fall in the past few years and is still dependent on its big name. Customer service to even virus protection its self is dramatically falling. Because of this crisis it is being branded as very basic. On more aged PCs  McAfee can still be  effective but on newer and upgrading PCs like Macs and other devices which use Ios the firewall is not fully protected and therefore viruses are still being leaked.514wKTcaN0L._AC_UL320_SR238,320_


McAfee can be installed on an unlimited number of devices during your one-year license


McAfee can slow your PC down.

High level of spam emails and pop ups.


Avast is also a recognizable name in the antivirus marketplace and was one of the best to use. Offers included a free package. Avast includes many useful features which include outstanding virus detection and a very handy 24 hour phone support which is a massive benefit. Avast Pro Antivirus has registered problems detecting malware and making decisions about whether incoming traffic is actually a virus or not. Its protection extends to your network at home and prevents hackers from entering your browser and locates out-of-date applications that make your PC vulnerable.


Avast detects when your applications are out of date.

Friendly customer service.


Competitors have a much more advances detection rate for brand new malware

Average performances


AVG Antivirus is the most popular antivirus programs on the current market. As long as you are subscribed, you will receive the latest versions of their software. It furthermore includes more advanced protection against the newest and most volatile malware; it has automatic push updates and is fully compatible with windows 10. More over it is easy to use so you do not need a  any I.T knowledge to use it and has impressive customer support. We would advice installing AVG.


If your PC/Laptop has been corrupted with any viruses call Newcastle PC Repair today on 0191 501 6720 and we will get one of our experienced IT engineers out to your home/business and we will exterminate any viruses contained and retrieve any lost data. And remember we believe in a NO FIX = NO FEE policy.