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Do you have an Acer laptop or desktop?

Acer produces high quality laptops and desktops at reasonable prices.  They are sleek in design and stand out from the crowd.  The laptops are lightweight, ergonomically designed and most have all the latest built in features such as WIFI and Bluetooth.  Acer caters for the mass market and is noticeably big in terms of market share – especially within the UK market.  Acer tends to put more memory into their machines making them significantly faster than their rivals.  The size and weight of most Acer machines are light weight and compact giving a great overall user experience

Acer Laptop and Desktop Repair

Here at Newcastle PC Repair we have many years of experience dealing with Acer machines.  Our engineers have worked on many Acer machines over the years and have in-depth knowledge on how Acer laptops and desktops work.  We can fix any software issues such as, freezing, blue screens, operating systems not booting, virus removal and malware removal.  Newcastle PC Repair also diagnose and fix all hardware problems associated with Acer machines such as new laptop screen replacement, hinge replacement, keyboard and battery replacements.  We have accounts with the manufacturer which enable us to obtain parts cheaply and at ease.

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Acer History and Facts

Acer is a global company with it’s headquarters based in Taiwan.  Acer’s products include: desktops, laptops tablet computers, servers and monitors.  In 2014 Acer was the fourth largest computer manufacturer on the globe